• Benefits of CBD in Skincare Products

    CBD has become more accesible and commonly used as several states and countried push towards acceptance of medicinal and recreational marijuana use. What they DO NOT tell you about CBD is it's amazing benefits for your skin.
  • Butter Baby

    Our #1 product that Black Honey sales out of is our Body Butter but what ingredients are inside? That shall main a mystery. However, we do want to share our top 10 plant based butters to add to our products! In no particular order of course!
  • Why you need Eucalyptus in your life Honey!

    A little about the Eucalyptus plant and what it could do for you! The plant originated in Austraila. What is so special about this plant is that it has the power to adapt to fire. Crazy right? This plant can withstand wildfires and will either resprout after the fire has subsided or leave seeds to be replanted. A phoenix of the plants if you will.
  • Let's Normalize the Use of Cranberries!

    Cranberries have so many uses globally but what benifits does it provide for our skin? Due to its acidic nature, this fruit helps with evening tone and blemishes, acne and pimple removal, anti-aging, and combatting free radicals. Cranberries would honestly be the perfect additives to the fountain of youth.