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Our Favorite Plant Based Butter & Their Benefits

Our #1 product that Black Honey sales out of is our Body Butter but what ingredients are inside? That shall main a mystery. However, we do want to share our top 10 plant based butters to add to our products! In no particular order of course!

1. Coffee Butter - is excellent for moisture rentention and leaves your skin smooth and silky.

2. Hemp Seed Butter - contains lots of omega-6 fatty acids and is perfect for dry and damaged skin.

3. Mango Butter - is a known antioxidant that contains vitamin A, C, and E.

4. Kokum Butter - is pefect for oily skin. It is a natural anti-immflammatory and has antibiotic properties.

5. Shea Butter - is rich in vital fatty acids, anti-immflammatory, and is ideal for damaged and irritated skin.

6. Coconut Butter - is a natural antibiotic and cleanser.

7. Cocoa Butter - is rich in antioxidants, helps keep moisture locked in, and combats dryness from extreme cold weather.

8. Almond Butter - is great for exfoiliation, great source of Vitamin E, anti-aging properties, and perfect for correcting UV damage.

9. Olive Butter - rich in vitamins and minerals, combats redness & swelling, and is perfect for dry skin.

10. Macadamia Butter - is full of vital vitamins and minerals. It keeps skin healthy & youthful and protects against free radicals.


What skin issues are you experiencing and are trying to remedy? Which butter would help your condition(s) the most?

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