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Why you need Eucalyptus in your life Honey!

A little about the Eucalyptus plant and what it could do for you! The plant originated in Austraila. What is so special about this plant is that it has the power to adapt to fire. Crazy right? This plant can withstand wildfires and will either resprout after the fire has subsided or leave seeds to be replanted. A phoenix of the plants if you will. LOL..The plants can grow anywhere between 3-200 feet tall. They're pretty popular in the medicinal and self care world. Eucalyptus essential oil derives from the eucalyptus trees. The essential oil contains anti-immflammatory properties that combat acne, redness, and eczema.  These properties are also commonly used to open up airways in your nose and throat. Some people do this by hanging the eucalyptus plant on their showerhead and taking a nice hot shower. It's surplus of fatty acids provide an abundance of moisture. Eucalyptus is known to provide its consumers with skin lightening and cleansing through it's antibacterial properties. Fighting off skin infections like, but not limited to: chicken pox, fungal infections, cold sore, and boils. The oil is usually slightly diluted by various carrier oils like olive, jojoba, and other loving oils topically. There's always a healthier alternative to medications....use some today!