Essential Oils

Essential Oils and their benefits:

Most people turn to over the counter medicine or prescriptions when it comes to experiencing symptoms out of the norm as an easy fix; but what about those who choose to opt out of putting different chemicals into their body and want a healthier or more natural way to cure themselves? Aromatherapy can be the answer! What are essential oils? Essential oils are compound extracted from plants. The oils capture the fragrances and flavors or the plants. They are usually obtained through distillation or through cold pressing. Once extracted, they are combined with carrier oils to create a finished product. The method used to make the oil is very important, doing so through a process containing chemicals, does not qualify it to be a “true essential oil”.

Aromatherapy ages back over 6,000 years and was known to be used by the Chinese, Romans, Egyptians, and the Greeks. During this time ancient Egyptians used the aromas from plants for religious purposes and believe certain fragrances could raise higher consciousness and promote their state of tranquility or peace. They also used some of their fragrances to embalm those who have passed during the mummification process. They believed that their loved ones should smell good in preparation for the afterlife. As time progressed the benefits of aromatherapy expanded. Its uses ranged from medicine, cosmetics, and perfumes.

The Chinese began using aromatherapy in to pay respects to their God. The oldest medicine book to this day, dated back in 2,700 BC showed cures containing an abundance of aromatic herbs.

The earliest known use of aromatherapy in Greece was in 1,200 BC and still to this day is taught when mentioning Mythology in schools because of this physician’s use of herbs with surgery. To this day, Asclepius, after death, is known as the god of healing.

The Romans built their practices upon the Greeks and the Egyptians who turned their therapy into scented baths and aromatic oil massage. You can say we have them to thank for our lovely spa days!

 Today they’re commonly used for psychological or physical wellbeing. There are over 100 different types of essential oils used for health benefits. Let’s dig in to some major essential oils and their uses and benefits!

Lemon or Lemongrass essential oil is commonly used for headaches, mood, and to aid with digestive issues.

Chamomile is commonly used to improve your mood and promotes relaxation.

Bergamot is known to not only improve eczema conditions, but also used to relieve stress.

Rose is used for scarring, reduction of anxiety, and improve moods.

Lavender is used for stress relieve.

Peppermint is another essential oil used to aid digestion and also to boost energy,

Sandalwood can help with focus and to calm jitters or nervousness.

Tea Tree is can help fight infections and boost your immune systems.

Ylang-Ylang is used for skin conditions, nausea, and headaches.

Jasmine is use to increase libido, help with depression, and childbirth.


The next time you’re in the store or shopping for random things, pick up a bottle of essential oil and keep it handy to remedy one of these symptoms.

Take Care,

Black Honey.