Self-Care During COVID-19

We’re two months in and still going crazy with this whole quarantine situation! What are you doing to stay mentally sound and at peace with the frustrations of uncertainty? I know I usually use travel as my escape and since there are travel bans and restrictions still in place I have to find alternatives that I can actually partake in at my house or in as safe area where I am abiding by the current restrictions and still practicing social distance. This blog will be about 6 ways I combat the boredom, anxiety, depression, or frustrations of being confined and hopefully one of more of these things will help put your mind at ease.

  1. Meditation
    • You can find several videos of guided meditation to clear your mind during these uncertain times and they are ABSOLUETLY FREE.
  2. Yoga
    • I try to do yoga every morning now that I had additional time at home. Like meditation there are dozens of FREE videos on YouTube for you to follow along with and you can search around and find the one that works for you. If you have kids this may be a complicated task to complete but if you can find 15-20 minutes after you put your baby down for a nap; it will put your mind at ease and in a better place to take on the rest of your day. Unless you have previous did yoga, I suggest always finding a beginner video on YouTube, the other levels require a lot more core engagement and flexibility and we want to avoid injuries instead of cause them!
  3. Walk/Cardio
    • Getting out of the house for some fresh air can make a big difference. Don’t forget to give your body some vitamin D. Not only is this good for your mental health but it can also combat the couple of pounds or inches you may have incurred during this pandemic. Who’s been snacking like crazy? I know I have but it’s nothing a nice cardio session cannot fix.
  4. Group FaceTime/ Zoom Call
    • The biggest toll that this pandemic has taken on individuals, couples, or families, is the fact that you cannot visit or see people due to self-quarantine or travel bans for those that are located in different areas. Although it is not the same as meeting in person, it makes you happy to see and still be able to visibly see them and interact with them.
  5. Start a New Hobby
    • Learn something new to pass the time. Don’t be afraid to fail, you never know what will come of it! I started a whole business. Does that mean it will work for everyone? No, but there is not a way of knowing if you do not try. The ladies have been taking up baking, if you’ve been to your local store and walk through the aisle where baked good supplies are……it is scarce. I’m glad I don’t need any of those things because I would be upset! The fellas have been taking up carpentry and building and remodeling things. It’s just an endless amount of things that you can do. I suggest hopping on Pinterest and finding a hobby that sticks out to you, and diving in.
  6. Read/ Binge Watch
    • Find a show or book that has an interesting intro and fall in love. I have read about 6/7 books in a last month, one of my friends challenged me to a read off. Doing so, I fell behind on most of the shows I had been watching but reading gets your creative juices flowing. You see the story how you interpret it. It’s so amazing. Not to discredit binge watching because I can lose hours on end by engaging in different shows, getting hooked, and craving to finish even if it has me up all night. They’re both somewhat of a distraction if you ask me. I only recommend after you have accomplished important tasks.

I hope one of these activities helps you make it through these troubling times. Remember to stay safe and be kind.

Take Care,

Black Honey.

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